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Fleetwood 784 sq. ft.
2 Bed, 1 Bathroom

Fleetwood 780 sq. ft.
2 Bed, 1 Bathroom

Fleetwood 20 x 44
2 Bed, 2 Bathroom

Resort living is usually less costly than owning your own home! 


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Birch Bay Resort (BBR) is a manufactured and mobile home park community with room for manufactured homes, park models or RV’s overlooking Birch Bay, Washington.  Yes, BBR is open year around with no limitation on the number of days you can stay.  We are not a membership community so there are no monthly dues or membership fees. 

BBR is offering affordable housing for people interested in purchasing or renting quality single-wide manufactured homes in our land lease community.  For about the price of a down payment on “stick built” homes you can buy and own a new manufactured home and pay space rent of only $575/month.  These aren’t “trailers,” these are quality homes built to HUD standards by leading manufacturers.  We have access to lenders who can help you get qualified, or you may be interested in our rent-to-own program.

Because of a shaky real estate market the safest option is to purchase a new manufactured home for around $45,000 to $60,000 (or a used mobile home from one our residents) and not worry about high mortgage payments, property taxes, high down payments, if you can qualify, or if you can re-sell in the future for a profit (or even get your money back). 

If you take a look back you’ll see that smaller homes were the norm for most of us.  In 1950 the average home size was 983 square feet.  In 2004, at the height of the building boom, the average home size was 2,340 square feet.  The days of the large, expensive homes are fading away. 

 There are 6 reasons why you should buy a small manufactured home:

  1. Small homes cost less and are easier to furnish and care for.
  2. Small homes save time with less clean up and yard care.
  3. Small homes make it easier to live simply with lower utility costs.
  4. Smaller homes mean quality splurges making it easier to do little up-grades to make the home look the way you want it to.
  5. Smaller homes may be easier to sell – after all they are just a fraction of the cost of large homes.
  6. Smaller homes can be moved from one park to another or to private land making your home portable to move with you.

There’s no doubt that small homes are seeing a resurgence as people realize how cozy, comfortable and inexpensive they can be.  The cost savings of smaller homes can really add up over the long term.  Call us at 360-371-7922 (or from Canada at 604-757-1845) to find out more.  Whether it’s renting or owning, we just might be able to help.

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